Community Garden 1.21.13 Visit


Cabbage in bed furtherest away from entrance.


Healthy plants and veggies in the Community Garden! (bed closest to entrance).

Picture Resolution: 3888 x 2592 pixels

I went to the garden this morning around 11:30am and it was already very hot out. The soil in the beds was dry which is not surprising because of the heat we experienced yesterday. Also, the beds receive the most direct sunlight out of all the plants in the garden. I made sure to give the beds a little extra water for this reason and in knowing that today was going to be hot as well!

As noted in the previous blog, the potted plants along the right side of the garden (as you walk in) do look as if they have seen better days, but I gave them some water in hopes of revival. However, the plants in the beds look alive and well, but there is no noticeable growth from the seeds yet.

When I was watering I realized that the plants further back on the left half of the garden can easily be forgotten about so I just wanted to write this just as a reminder to make sure they get water.


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