Community Garden 1_20_13 Visit



Figure 1. Overall picture of garden.




Figure 2. Droopy tree on the right side of garden.







Figure 3. Flower bed on the right side of the garden.

*I believe the resolution of the photos above are 720×480 pixels

**All directions of right, left, etc. are based on if you were facing the entrance of the garden and you were standing outside of it.

Today I watered and visited the community garden. Most of the plants look healthy. I noticed that there were labels for the plants in all the beds except for the one on the far right. It’s probably not needed anyways because we’ll be able to recognize the plants as they grow. All the beds have a moderate amount of dead leaves from the surrounding trees (shown in the bottom picture). A major characteristic I noticed was the dying plants on the right side of garden. An example is the droopy tree pictured in the middle. I think these plants get neglected because they are farthest from the water spout. I think they are very worth saving and should be watered more.

In regards to the seedlings, there is no visible progress on their growth.


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