Garden Visit: Friday, January 25th

On Friday afternoon I visited the gardens. It had been raining earlier in the day, giving all of the plants fresh water. When I got to the gardens I started out going to each bed and removing unwanted items like seed pods from the trees above, pine cones, large pieces of bark, and even a piece of glass!


I went around to each spot that we had planted seeds in and monitored their progress. So far, the chives haven’t come up yet but a neat line of Radish have sprouted and are looking wonderful!


I also noticed that on one of the Strawberry plants (which was already up at the garden before we created the new beds) has produced its first Strawberry! I will keep an eye on the plant and on any more new strawberries that appear.


What needs to be done: The next visitors to the garden should continue removing unwanted debris from the beds and keep an eye out for the new seedlings.

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