Garden Visit: Saturday, January 26th

I visited the garden at Sunset Rec late this afternoon. Although it was a fairly sunny day today, the plants were still nicely watered from the past few days of rain. Also, the fog rolled in late in the afternoon, keeping the soil damp. No watering needed.


Quinoa crop

Per special request of Professor McKnight, I looked at the quinoa. There was one tiny shoot of green, but the bed looked empty for the most part. According to the Professor, qunioa are a low-water crop, so the recent rain might hinder the plant’s growth.

The rest of the garden seems to be in pretty good shape for the most part. I was really excited to see the onions growing in my group’s bed (left). Another group’s bok choy crop has also started sprouting (middle)! The cabbage and lettuce also seem to be doing well (right).


However, the rain seems to have mangled a few plants and broken some popsicle sticks. Maybe that will be a class project on Tuesday?


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