Garden Visit: Saturday, Feb 2

Healthy onions.

Healthy onions.

I headed to Sunset this morning to water the garden and began by simply picking the leaves and burs out of all the beds. The soil in all the beds was a little damp so I just gave the plants a light watering. However, I did not water the pansies because I was told they might be getting too much water, which can cause root rot. Professor McKnight said that this is a good reminder that each plant has different requirements for achieving prime growth and that we will learn this as we go along.

I took a picture of some plants that are a little hidden on the workbenches so that they are not neglected when watering.

Plants on workbench,

Plants on workbench,

The carrot and onion/scallion seeds (in the bed with the transplanted cabbage) do not show any sign of growth yet, but hopefully in the near future they will pop up.

On the other hand, the chives and onion in another bed are doing excellent. A lot have popped up and are looking strong. I do not know if they have to be thinned because they seem to be growing in small clusters.

Also, when I was watering along the fence I was excited to see that we have a couple olive trees growing!

The garden is looking great!

Olive tree.

Olive tree.


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