Garden Visit: Tuesday, February 5th

I arrived at our little urban garden in the late afternoon today, the 5th of February to see our little thriving piece of paradise. The weather was very cool and misty, so I only gave our plants a light watering since the soil had ample moisture!


I’ve never seen a real blueberry bush before. My life will never be the same.

Our newly transplanted blueberry bushes are doing very well. I can’t wait to taste their juicy goodness!

I made sure to remove some burs from the various pots on the perimeter, as well as our raised beds. I also did some pruning (and some lettuce tasting of course) to ensure the happy health of our little babies.


The radishes and bok choy are coming in nicely! The radishes now have plenty of room to grow now that we thinned the clusters; survival of the fittest. However, the basil next to the radishes haven’t seemed to sprout yet; either they were very recently planted, or they just grow slowly.


Basil! (?)

All in all there wasn’t much work to do; the plants seemed healthy (to my less-than-expert eyes).



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