Garden Visit on February 7

Before watering the plants this morning, I walked around the garden and noted the condition of seedlings and seeds. I first noticed that the radish and bok choy are growing pretty big so we may want to transplant some of the seedlings into new rows.


Radish seedlings

The onions are sprouting up everywhere along with the rainbow carrots. I even found a few quinoa sprouting in the planter where we relocated the bolting lettuce.


Rainbow carrots

I noticed many rounds of wood placed around the garden: did we want to use those as benches? Decoration? Places to set potted plants?


Wood used to display plants

The orange tree on the perimeter of the garden is producing fruit and the potted fruit trees on the far side of the garden are fruiting or flowering. We could try to plant a few of these trees to add more structure to the garden and shade very sunny areas.Our scarecrow could also use some TLC and possibly a head.



I’m not sure if anything is growing on the right side of the bed directly in front of the entrance, but I made sure to water the soil in case seeds were planted there. I placed the hose attachment back inside the tool shed where I found it this morning.

Enjoy these few pictures of flowers in the garden:


Kale flowers


Flowers of the lime tree


Pansy flowers


Blueberry blossoms


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