Garden Update : February 8th

I trekked up to Sunset Rec around 3:30 this afternoon. It had rained earlier in the morning so I knew to go a little easier on the watering this time around. Everyhing was quite sirene at the garden — until the softball team showed up for practice. Nevertheless, I continued my duties and made a couple observations…

Shrooms! In multiple beds I found numerous white bulbs beginning to peep their way out of the soil. Is this ok? Is this indicative of us overwatering the plants, or just part of winter? Whatever the case, this is something we should address at our next field day.



Also, our bok choy are starting to get a little crowded. Natural selection (aka thinning) seems inevitable.

Overpopulation => one child policy

Overpopulation => one child policy

Lastly, the carrots have sprouted! Only a little bit. Sorry I forgot to take a picture because of how emotional I was to see them.


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