Garden Visit: Saturday, February 9, 2013

I went up to visit the garden late this afternoon. I expected the soil to be fairly damp since it rained recently, but I guess today’s sun dried it up a bit. I did some light watering to keep our plants nice and fresh!

I removed several burrs from all of the planters, along with twigs and pinecones. There were so many burrs, it eventually turned into the “See how far Zoe can throw a burr” game.

Burrs. Burrs everywhere.

Burrs. Burrs everywhere.

I also noticed the fungi that my fellow classmates mentioned in an earlier post. The fungi seem to have invaded the space where our class first started trying to grow quinoa. The white mushrooms are now spreading to the rest of the box – I noticed one underneath a cabbage plant. I agree with Kyle – we should work on that planter our next workday.

In another planter, there is one row of sad-looking plants – not sure what kind of plant it was since I couldn’t find the popsicle stick. Some of the plants had dead leaves, while others had dried-out and brown stems. Maybe the plant variety didn’t like the winter weather?

One sad plant.

One sad plant.

On a happier note, other planters are thriving! The onions are growing all over their space, and the new batch of quinoa has already sprouted. Look at this cute citrus I found on the tree!

Fresh fruit!

Fresh fruit!


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