Almost Spring

The garden really seemed to be stepping into spring this afternoon, but it’s not quite there yet.

A few things I observed:

1. The blueberries are blossoming, with lots of white, unripe fruit. Once they start getting blue, we’ll have a lot of harvesting to do!

2. Strawberries are also beginning to show some fruit!


Tiny, green strawberries are beginning to pop up!

3. The dirt is starting to sink down because we are watering it. For example, these radishes were extended out of the dirt (not good!), so I pushed them back in. We should begin to layer more dirt/compost on top of the beds to prevent this type of problem. Whole Foods just delivered 10 tons (!!!) of compost made from tossed produce and prepared foods, and we can use some of that top refill the garden.

big radish

These radishes are growing, but they aren’t sinking with the soil! I pushed them back further into the dirt, but we will have to add more soil on top.

4. LOTS of things going to seed! We will have to pay attention to what things are going to seed. This is one of the most important parts about the garden — seed saving. It is unlikely that people will be around in the summer months to keep the garden watered and growing, we should make sure to save as much seed as we can to start again in early fall.

seeding lettuce

This lettuce has most definitely bolted, and already has lots of seeds, as you can see at the top.

5. As we are going into spring, it’s getting much hotter! I noticed that the beds were really quite dry and they need to be watered a bit more, I think. Even as I was finishing watering, some of the beds and pots that I started with were already looking dry. This is hurting the herbs the most, I think.  A few parsley plants had yellowing leaves, and the basil had seen better days as a result.


Limp basil. “Water me!”


We will be meeting in the garden tomorrow, Tuesday the 25th, and will most likely add more dirt, do more watering, and sort through seeds. See you there!

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