Garden Visit Monday 2/25

When I got to the garden I saw that someone else had already watered it, but the beds already looked a little dry– it was so hot today! Anyway, here’s some things I noticed while watering/clearing out debris:

Lettuce is definitely starting to bolt, like David King explained it would:

IMG_8212 IMG_8207

I was wondering where the guava tree is going to go? One had fallen off, and another is still on the tree:

IMG_8223 IMG_8221

Some of the blueberry bushes’ leaves are starting to turn brown:


The beets and kale are starting to sprout in the bed with the big beets sign!:


There’s a plant with little white flowers growing at the side of one of the beds. It’s really pretty and I’m wondering what it is:

IMG_8253 IMG_8252

See you all tomorrow at the garden!


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