February 28 – Watering

Hey everyone! 

Today I got to the garden around 3pm. Someone had just watered before my arrival but some of the beds looked dry already so I made sure to give them a second round since it was such a hot day! 


Thirsty herb bed!


Thirsty perimeter plants!

I’ve noticed that the cabbages with curled up leaves have lots and lots of little white/gray bugs all over them. Is this normal? I forgot to take a picture, maybe the next person doing the watering can get one. 

I also noticed that someone had planted a few sugar snap pea seedlings! 


pea plants

The leaves are completely edible and have a mild pea taste – they are great on their own, in a salad or even a stir-fry! I’m excited to see these grow. (: 

There are a couple of these pea plants that have sprouted from the sides of beds, down on the ground. Since we can’t transplant them (I don’t think) we should try to help them grow upwards by putting sticks or other objects in the ground for the plant to wrap around. 


Overall, everything looked good! I cleaned up the beds a little bit – picking out giant pine cones and spiky balls. The bees are still there and having a ball. It was fun/scary watching them unanimously erupt into the air as I watered the sprouts. 


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