Garden Update 3_7_13


Fig 1. There is a vine growing on the sign up front.


Fig 2. Overall picture of the garden.


Fig 3. Dying plants were replaced by new plants.

*I believe the resolution of the photos above are 720×480 pixels

Upon entering the garden this morning I noticed a vine growing on the sign in front of the garden (Fig 1). I think vine-like plant decorations are great. My grandfather has one growing on a fence at my parent’s place in Orange County. Also, all the plants were naturally watered by the rain. Everything was still drenched, so I assume it rained a little before the time I woke up this morning.

In regards to growth most of the plants look like they are just starting to grow, not bearing any edible parts yet. Though many of our plants are root vegetables, so they may have grown a lot but are just unseen underground. The overall look of the garden is shown in Fig 2.

I have not done a report on the garden since the beginning of the quarter. A major difference I saw from then and now that I had pointed out in my first post were the dead plants on the right side of the garden (farthest away from the water spout). They have been replaced with new plants as seen in Fig 3. Hopefully, they will not neglected even thought they are farthest from the water source.


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