Garden Visit, 3/9/13


Our beautiful garden!

Today, Saturday the 9th of March, I visited the garden as the clouds were up and the ground was muddy. After the heavy rains we’ve been experiencing there wasn’t much watering for me to do. A lot of the beds have much empty space due to our harvesting of the delicious vegetables, it’s about time to start replanting! I can’t this quarter is already at an end; I’ve fallen in love with the garden, the kinship with mother Gaia we’ve established, and most importantly the renewable source of delicious chives.



What are these pretty flowers called?

These flowers are coming in nicely. I have no idea what they are though.



Poor little plant has its own little swamp!

Many of the poor potted plants on the perimeter of the garden did not have good drainage of water, resulting in them being drowned in their own little mini-swamps! I did my best to drain them, but the damage was already done. Hopefully they can be saved!


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