Watering 3_14_13

As I walked into the garden I noticed we have a new sign up front. I really like the blue and black color scheme of it. I did not notice any major changes to the garden since our final visit to the garden as a class two days ago.

I did, however, notice that there were some plants growing on the bottom of the some of the beds (Fig 1). I remember another student also posting about this about a week ago. I think it is great to have other plants growing that were not intentionally planted. It makes the garden more natural.


Fig 1. Plant growing from bottom of bed.

I noticed the carrot plants look like they had grown more (Fig 2). I am curious how big the vegetables are. I was a bit hesitant to pull them out of the soil to check though.


Fig 2. Carrot plants

The last interesting observation I would like to share is how impressed I am by the size of the tree at the far end of the garden (Fig 3). I’m not sure if it grew a lot this quarter or I just never took a good look at it. I know trees grow pretty fast because my parents have a couple at their house that I trim about once a year.


Fig 3. Tree at back of garden.

*I believe the resolution of the photos above are 720×480 pixels


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