Garden Visit 3/20

Hello all! I visited the garden today to water the plants and seedlings and make sure everything was all right.

I saw that many of the tomato seedlings had been transplanted into the beds and had established themselves quite well!



I really like the addition of the educational signs about the plants growing in the garden – they have some interesting and useful info about which plants can be planted together and also some nutritional information, like vitamin content. They make the garden seem even more organized and aesthetically pleasing than it already is!


Plants are blooming and bolting and it’s all beautiful! I saw some new strawberries, many citrus blooms, baby blueberries and pea greens (those things grow fast!). Can’t wait to visit again after spring break and see the progress.

One thing that might be troublesome is all the pinecones on the ground – they make it difficult/potentially dangerous to walk around. I cleared some out of the way.

If you’re going to be in westwood over spring break please stop by to water the garden!


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