LA Times: Farmers Markets: Odd-looking cherimoya is a sublime find

LA Times: Farmers Markets: Odd-looking cherimoya is a sublime find


I JUST learned about this fruit yesterday from a friend AND I just happen to stumble upon this article.  My friend brought one to school and shared a bite with me.  She says her family eats them because they are suppose to ward off cancer.  She also mentioned they are a bit on the pricey side but that prices vary and you can find them for a reasonable price in LA.   I always think its so exciting to be exposed to a new fruit/veggie that I never knew existed! Its like eating an alien! haha

Watering over the weekend

I visited the garden not feeling the greatest.  I had a cold/fever but thought that crawling out of bed would do me and hopefully the garden some good.  When I got to the garden it appeared that someone else had already watered that day because the soil was very moist so I  took a look around the garden for things to do.

I stumbled upon these vines or plants that had taken root on the periphery of the raised beds.  Some had little sticks helping them to “climb” the raised beds.  I wonder if these are fruiting vine ?


After fumbling around the garden (remember I was on a good dose of DayQuil) I settled down to simply sitting in the garden.  I thought of how nice it was to sit in a place where things are growing.  At the end of the day the primary goal of a garden is to feed the stomach but I couldn’t help think about other beneficial attributes a urban garden could/does provide. When most of my days are spent rushing from one concern to another it was nice to rest in a place where the pace is much slower.  Sitting there with soiled hands I felt somehow more connected  to something.


I’m sure there is a ton of sentimental attachment to the current garden sign and in no way am I trying to boot it to the curb but I thought it might be cool to have a sign like the one below.


oh yea! does anyone know what this is? (pictured below)