Dr. Vandana Shiva at UCLA

David King mentioned this woman during his guest lecture this past Tuesday. Lo behold the flyer I saw in my email this morning! (I’m sure those of you in the IoES mailing list also received this email.)

Dr. Vandana Shiva at UCLA

Here’s more information from the email for anyone who’s interested in attending Dr. Shiva’s talk.

Annual International Women’s Day Lecture featuring Vandana Shiva, philosopher, environmental activist, and ecofeminist – March 8, 6PM, UCLA

You are cordially invited to an event celebrating International Women’s Day featuring a lecture by Dr. Vandana Shiva, world-renowned philosopher, environmental activist, ecofeminist, and academic researcher on agricultural and women’s empowerment issues. Dr. Shiva’s talk for International Woman’s Day will be a CSW event as well as the keynote address of a conference titled “Global Ecologies: Nature/Narrative/Neoliberalism,” which is being organized by Elizabeth DeLoughrey, UCLA;  Jill Didur, Concordia University, Canada; and Anthony Carrigan, Keele University, UK, and will take place at UCLA on March 8 and 9, 2013.

DATE: March 8


PLACE: Broad 2160 E


TICKET REQUIRED: http://csw_vshiva.eventbrite.com

PRESENTED BY: Office of Faculty Diversity and Development, UCLA Center for the Study of Women, and the organizers of Global Ecologies

COSPONSORed BY: University of California Humanities Research Initiative, Institute for the Environment and Sustainability, and the Canadian Studies Program, the Divisions of the Humanities and Social Sciences, the Department of Gender Studies, International Institute, and the Department of English

MORE INFO: http://www.csw.ucla.edu/events/vandana-shiva

GLOBAL ECOLOGIES: http://www.csw.ucla.edu/events/global-ecologies-1