Food Forward: Urban Farming (PBS)

PBS takes us on an interesting journey through the exciting and expanding urban agriculture movement in America.  From hydroponic to honey farms, from Manhattan to Detroit to Oakland, these individuals are utilizing rooftops and vacant lots to localize food production.  They’re keeping it natural and at home, and they put all their love and energy into the food that they grow for their community.  The people we get to know in this video emit an infectiously driven and positive vibe.  This video is simply inspirational, extremely informational, and gives me so much hope for the future of urban agriculture.

Watch the video here!

Farmer Superbowl Ad + Other Videos

If you happened to watch the Super Bowl yesterday you might have also caught this truck advertisement.  It is quite visually stunning and set to the lilting voice of Paul Harvey.  The ad was an interesting ode to a population that has been quickly shrinking.  I felt like it was an interesting mixture of family farm imagery and industrial farm imagery.  If you’re interested in reading a bit more about the ad NPR (overview), The Atlantic (race) and Christian Post (general love).   Some of the important background information to note is that this video signifies a financial contribution from Ram to the FFA.


So God Made a Farmer:



On a different note, here is a short showing the work that the UC system has been doing to help farmers utilize social media to connect with their customers and communities.   Similarly to the video above, this is also about promoting farmers and their role in today’s society.

UC Program:



American Meat is a documentary about the problems facing mass confinement livestock farmers.  Don’t shy away from this movie if you’re worried it will be pushing ideologies on you.  The director worked hard to let the confinement farmers have their say in a very heartfelt way as to the issues facing them and why it is hard for them to get out of the style of business they’ve entered.

Trailer for American Meat: