Garden Visit: Sunday January 27th

Aviva and I met up at the garden early this afternoon around 11:30. While her blog post focuses on the progress of our plants (which look great!), I chose to write about the work that was being done to the garden site itself! As I am also part of the team mapping the garden this upcoming week, this info will be great for some before and after maps.

Members of E3 and other students were busy building 4 new raised beds. The new beds are the same size (3×6 ft) as the 8 current beds, and will be located in the open space to the right. An additional L-shaped bed was supposed to be added, but due to miscommunications with the lumber company, we did not receive the properly sized pieces of wood.

Here’s a link to the garden’s blog if you would like to check out some the more recent posts about the wood delivery and why redwood was the chosen material.

Working hard to finish off the first bed!

Working hard to finish off the first bed!

Location for newly constructed beds.

Location for newly constructed beds.

Work in progress!

Work in progress!

Me with power tools...

Me with power tools…

Garden Work Party Tomorrow

Hello Everyone!


I’ve updated the Student Garden Blog with a post about the garden.  This weekend I’ve been getting everything ready for tomorrrow.  What’s happening tomorrow?  We are building five beds and filling them all (plus two others) in with a good soil mixture. 

Jason from Waste Watchers will also be contstructing several more compost bins.  

We will have music and food, so bring an ipod!  


If you’re interested in coming out to help please feel free to call me: (707) 303-5732


Here is some relative information:

Facebook Event:


UCLA Student Garden Blog: