Community Garden Visit 1.22.13

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I visited the community garden at approximately 3 PM in the afternoon today, the soils were a bit dry but still healthy, and I made sure to give them a hearty watering.  Many of the plants are coming in nicely!


The radishes are already on their way! We have created LIFE!

Professor McKnight had told us radishes grow quickly, and I was happy to see that some green sprouts had already poked out of the dirt! Yeah instant gratification!

After reading the past blog posts I made sure to water all of the potted plants lining the garden’s fence, including the sad droopy tree. Hopefully we can revive them! One of the beds had no visible plants in them, and I was unsure if any seeds had been sown; however, in my endless generosity I decided to water it just in case.


Oh chives, we hardly knew ye.

Pictured above is a particularly unfortunate chives plant that seems to have perished. Our group had originally decided to send this poor fellow to the mulch pile, but a merciful member of our group had wanted to give the plant a second chance. Unfortunately it looks like he won’t be making it!