How to sell @ a farmers’ market

Rachel Surls, whom you saw on the KCET video about Richland Farms and ag in LA County, keeps an occasional blog. Here, she blogs about how to get your goods into a farmers’ market if you are a small producer. Some markets are run by larger groups like Raw Inspiration, while others are more singular start-up operations, like the new Altadena Farmers’ Market.

These are the basic specs.

In order to sell farm products grown in Los Angeles County at a Certified Farmers’ Market, growers must contact the Los Angeles County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office at 562-622-0426. (For those growing in other counties, they would contact their own county agricultural commissioner’s office).   An inspector will make an appointment to visit the growing area to find out what and how much the farmer is growing, and how much they project they will have available for sale.

There is a small annual fee for certification.  After the inspection, and paying the fee, the farmer receives a Certified Producer’s Certificate to display when selling at a market.  Growers can only sell what has been grown on the farm, and specifically, what is on the certificate. New crops can be added by amending the certificate.