Garden Visit, 3/6/2013

Sorry this one’s late, I had trouble with posting.

Today was a quiet day in the garden. I watered the plots without any trouble. A few blueberries are starting to come in, but the rest are still in their flowering stage. I hope they’re be ready by next week.




Another strawberry plant is beginning to fruit.




Some mushrooms are growing in one of the small pots.




Bees seem to be attracted to the sprouts in those same pots. If only h they’d give our blueberry and strawberry flowers the same attention.


Garden Update : Friday, January 31st

The garden is looking good!


“I’m I big enough to be eaten yet?”

Upon arriving, I noticed that the plants had already been watered. So I took my time clearing away those prickly tree seed pod balls. I also ended up doing some additional watering for some fringe plants that needed some love.


“I’m so happy and comfortable in my new home!”

Garden Work Party Tomorrow

Hello Everyone!


I’ve updated the Student Garden Blog with a post about the garden.  This weekend I’ve been getting everything ready for tomorrrow.  What’s happening tomorrow?  We are building five beds and filling them all (plus two others) in with a good soil mixture. 

Jason from Waste Watchers will also be contstructing several more compost bins.  

We will have music and food, so bring an ipod!  


If you’re interested in coming out to help please feel free to call me: (707) 303-5732


Here is some relative information:

Facebook Event:


UCLA Student Garden Blog: