Chickens in LA

We don’t work a lot with animals, beyond insects, in this class. Yet one of the most interesting movements on the urban ag radar in the LA area is the “urban chicken” movement. According to a piece in today’s San Gabriel Tribune, even San Marino, noted for its large lawns and private park-like spaces, has just lifted its chicken ban.

Source: San Gabriel Tribune.

Source: San Gabriel Tribune.

People see chickens as different than pets, and enjoy eating fresh eggs available just outside their door. A whole cottage industry (coop industry?) has emerged to design and build spaces for chickens into urban residences in the LA area.

[Mike] Scott, who quit his corporate job two years ago to start his backyard farm business, said he has seen a similar boom in business since he started his company. He has built chicken coops, “edible gardens” and bee hives for residents throughout the region and most recently constructed one for the Los Angeles County Arboretum.

“It’s basically sustainable living, and chicken coops are a big part of that,” he said. “You’re basically creating a mini ecosystem.”