Garden Progress!

I went to the garden early yesterday morning to do some quick watering. There were a number of “wood-like” lettuce plants that were bolting. I wasn’t sure what to do with them, so I decided to wait until today’s garden lab to consult Anne McKnight.  Some of the dying lettuce plants went into the compost, while some of the bolting lettuces stayed in the ground. Throughout the morning, we talked to Daily Bruin writers, so look out for an upcoming article on our class! 

Today we worked on a number of important garden developments: 

1. Moved herbs from throughout the garden to one centrally located herb plot (with the new bench)

2. Labeled and mapped the garden

3. Stirred and watered the compost

4. Weeded things out and checked the periphery 



Delicious, garden-grown salad for lunch today: Various types of lettuce, green onion, and cilantro from the UCLA garden, with avocado from my co-worker’s backyard, and some salt and pepper. Looking forward to more varieties to come as the food keeps growing!

Anne warned that this was becoming a “museum” garden, which we definitely don’t want, so start picking food and enjoying it! We picked some more green onions for students to take home. I grabbed some other foods eat in a salad later. Some of the lettuce was slightly bitter, but overall it was delicious! I’d recommend everyone else to try it out.  We just have to make sure to only take about 1/3 of the plant when harvesting. 

UCLA Student Garden Before and After Pics

UCLA Student Garden Before and After Pics

Here’s a blog post documenting the progress of the garden thus far: