Garden Visit 3/20

Hello all! I visited the garden today to water the plants and seedlings and make sure everything was all right.

I saw that many of the tomato seedlings had been transplanted into the beds and had established themselves quite well!



I really like the addition of the educational signs about the plants growing in the garden – they have some interesting and useful info about which plants can be planted together and also some nutritional information, like vitamin content. They make the garden seem even more organized and aesthetically pleasing than it already is!


Plants are blooming and bolting and it’s all beautiful! I saw some new strawberries, many citrus blooms, baby blueberries and pea greens (those things grow fast!). Can’t wait to visit again after spring break and see the progress.

One thing that might be troublesome is all the pinecones on the ground – they make it difficult/potentially dangerous to walk around. I cleared some out of the way.

If you’re going to be in westwood over spring break please stop by to water the garden!

Garden visit 3/15

It was a pretty warm day, despite the fog that just rolled in. I had to water the beds several times, especially the ones without mulch.


~15 minutes after first water. Should we throw mulch over the other beds too?

Besides the heat, it was an uneventful visit.

Watering 3_14_13

As I walked into the garden I noticed we have a new sign up front. I really like the blue and black color scheme of it. I did not notice any major changes to the garden since our final visit to the garden as a class two days ago.

I did, however, notice that there were some plants growing on the bottom of the some of the beds (Fig 1). I remember another student also posting about this about a week ago. I think it is great to have other plants growing that were not intentionally planted. It makes the garden more natural.


Fig 1. Plant growing from bottom of bed.

I noticed the carrot plants look like they had grown more (Fig 2). I am curious how big the vegetables are. I was a bit hesitant to pull them out of the soil to check though.


Fig 2. Carrot plants

The last interesting observation I would like to share is how impressed I am by the size of the tree at the far end of the garden (Fig 3). I’m not sure if it grew a lot this quarter or I just never took a good look at it. I know trees grow pretty fast because my parents have a couple at their house that I trim about once a year.


Fig 3. Tree at back of garden.

*I believe the resolution of the photos above are 720×480 pixels

Garden Visit: 3/2/13

Today was a really breezy day and everyone seemed to be outside.
A lot of people were out in sunset rec relaxing and sunbathing, and surprisingly I saw some of them come by and visit the garden!

A family was perusing the garden before I got there, and left once I came.


I also noticed that the shed was in disarray again.  A misthrown frisbee or volley ball must have hit it.  I put it back together to protect the tools from the sun.


Otherwise the garden looked to be doing fine!


Garden Visit: 2/23/13

Today was a really dry day for the garden.  The past few days have been incredibly hot so I had to make many trips to refill the watering can.

Many of the plants seemed to be bolting, some a lot more than others.

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Garden Visit, 3/6/2013

Sorry this one’s late, I had trouble with posting.

Today was a quiet day in the garden. I watered the plots without any trouble. A few blueberries are starting to come in, but the rest are still in their flowering stage. I hope they’re be ready by next week.




Another strawberry plant is beginning to fruit.




Some mushrooms are growing in one of the small pots.




Bees seem to be attracted to the sprouts in those same pots. If only h they’d give our blueberry and strawberry flowers the same attention.


Watering 3/1

I watered on Friday and visited Blaise, who was dashing as always.  It was so much less time consuming to water with the new long hose, though there was a fair amount of struggling involved in detangling the thing.  Many beds are lined with rows of sprouting seedlings, and the whole garden seems to have benefited from last weeks warm weather.  


The handsome Blaise