A day by day sign-up sheet. *some duplicates occurred, which we will sort out in class (so do not be alarmed if you do not see your name).

Week 2

Jan 18

Jan 19

Week 3–starting Sun Jan 20

Jan 20

Jan 21

Jan 22

Jan 23–Alice Wong; Candace Lee

Jan 24–Ellen Bastimadjian

Jan 25–Heather G.; Jacquelyn Lam

Jan 26–Zoe Wong

Week 4–starting Sun Jan 27

Jan 27–Ellen Lomonico
Jan 28–Elizabeth Pieslor

Jan 29–Stephen Kraman

Jan 30–Kosta Martikas; Amy Sen

Jan 31–Candace Lee

Feb 1–Heather G.; Kyle G

Feb 2–Andrea Maben

Week 5–starting Sun Feb 3

Feb 3–Teresa Cortes

Feb 4–Ellen Lomonico; Jacquelyn Lam

Feb 5–Sherbing Wu

Feb 6–Alice Wong; Amy Sen

Feb 7–Brooke Pickett

Feb 8–Heather G.; Kyle G.

Feb 9–Zoe Wong

Week 6–starting Sun Feb 10

Feb 10–James

Feb 11–Elizabeth Pieslor

Feb 12–

Feb 13–Maya Bruguera

Feb 14–Brooke Pickett

Feb 15–Heather G.; Kyle G

Feb 16–Robert Nguyen

Week 7–starting Sun Feb 17

Feb 17–James

Feb 18–

Feb 19–Jennifer Chan

Feb 20–Kosta Martikas

Feb 21–Candace Lee

Feb 22–Maya Bruguera

Feb 23–Robert Nguyen

Week 8–starting Sun Feb 24

Feb 24–James

Feb 25–Elizabeth Pieslor

Feb 26–Alice Wong

Feb 27–Kosta Martikas

Feb 28–Brooke Pickett; Ellen Bastrmadjian

Mar 1–Maya Bruguera

Mar 2–Pat Morales

Week 9–starting Sun Mar 3

Mar 3–Pat Morales

Mar 4–Teresa Cortes

Mar 5–Aviva Kraus

Mar 6–Andrew Lam

Mar 7–Albert Park

Mar 8–Zoe Wong

Mar 9 — Sherbing Wu

Week 10–starting Sun Mar 10

Mar 10

Mar 11–Teresa Cortes

Mar 12–Jennifer Chan

Mar 13–Andrew Lam

Mar 14–Albert Park

Mar 15–

Mar 16

Mar 17–break…but plants still need water?

Mar 18

Mar 19 — Ellen Bastrmadjian

Mar 20

Mar 21

Mar 22

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