Garden Watering: February 16th, 2013

Hello all.


Plants seem to be thriving and doing well.

Today was a fairly dry day, and so the plants needed extra watering.  Things are looking good in the garden.  A lot of the carrots seem to be growing!  I also found the lone strawberry in the patch.  Can’t wait until it grows more!


The lone strawberry.

As I was watering, I noticed a lot of empty containers (some filled) on the left side of the garden.  Are there any uses for those?  I also noticed that some cabbages are getting really cramped in their spaces (especially the ones in the pots).  There are 2 unused garden beds, so we should probably move them at the next garden visit.


Carrots sprouting

Garden Update : February 15th, 2013

Hello everyone!

A sighting! Today I saw a beautiful bright red strawberry growing off of one of our strawberry plants. It was beautiful. I’m not going to show you my picture of it, because I think a real-life viewing will be so much more gratifying for you all. Also, I lost the chord that connects my camera to my computer.

It was quite hot today, so the plants were particularly thirsty. I spent a long time watering. In total I think it was about 15 trips with the watering can to get the job done. Only then did I realize why our prof was saying in class that there should be paid student jobs for maintaining the garden — it’s work!

Other than that, I saw a lot of our recently sowed seeds have begun to sprout. Carrots, arugula,  and a few other herbs in our herb box.

It’s really cool to see our garden growing and getting more organized. Our work is really starting to show everyone!

The strawberry was beautiful.

Garden Visit: Friday, January 25th

On Friday afternoon I visited the gardens. It had been raining earlier in the day, giving all of the plants fresh water. When I got to the gardens I started out going to each bed and removing unwanted items like seed pods from the trees above, pine cones, large pieces of bark, and even a piece of glass!


I went around to each spot that we had planted seeds in and monitored their progress. So far, the chives haven’t come up yet but a neat line of Radish have sprouted and are looking wonderful!


I also noticed that on one of the Strawberry plants (which was already up at the garden before we created the new beds) has produced its first Strawberry! I will keep an eye on the plant and on any more new strawberries that appear.


What needs to be done: The next visitors to the garden should continue removing unwanted debris from the beds and keep an eye out for the new seedlings.